What Is the Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel?

Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel

Inshore saltwater is one of the lesser known types of fishing today yet it can be a fantastic pastime. It is fast becoming one of the popular options for fishermen especially those just starting out. However, what is inshore fishing?

Inshore saltwater fishing is very much like regular fishing with the exception that you fish in shallow waters, very shallow. This however can be extremely fun and exciting because you get to enjoy fishing without too much stress or power needed. You can stand at the edge of the shoreline or just dip the toes in the water and wait for the fish to take the bait. Usually, the fish you catch here are twenty pounds or less, probably considerably less.

However, when you look at inshore saltwater fishing you don’t need a variety of reels as you are aiming for the smaller fish. It doesn’t matter what you are hoping to catch, inshore fishing focuses on the smallest fish meaning you can usually use the same spinning reel for most types of fish.

The Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel

The Shimano Stradic FJ Spinning reel is really a fabulous reel to consider. It has to be rated as the best as it really offers the quality you need and want. Now, as most will know, inshore saltwater fishing can be a little more relaxed but that doesn’t mean you will be able to catch a fish without any difficulty. Fish are still going to fight even the smallest ones and you’ll have a fight on your hands at the best of times. As such you need a spinning reel which offers you reliability and stability and the Shimano is able to offer these and much more.

Shimano is a big name and the Stradic FJ spinning reel is a high end option to consider but it doesn’t come with a huge price tag despite its top quality performance. This is something you want because while you are serious about fishing, inshore saltwater fishing doesn’t require you to overspend on a spinning reel. Of course, the Shimano does come with a huge variety of models but the Stradic FJ does seem to be one of the better choices. It does look very nice and even for those just starting out this can be an appropriate reel to consider.

The Shimano Stradic FJ spinning reel comes with an aluminum handle which has been crafted beautifully. However, the aluminum handle can be a lot easier to use because turning it is much simpler and it doesn’t matter if you have a load or not.

Experienced fishermen will love the design as it’s very simple but effective for most saltwater inshore fishing and it is able to handle a lot of fish. Though this is probably more suited to smaller fish; you are aiming for the smaller fish that sticks close to the shoreline anyway but still you want a competent reel. This should be able to handle the smallest of fish and even some larger ones, but not too large.

The Shimano also comes with paladin gears which help to make the spinning reel more durable and the graphite rotor is a nice feature too. Line to line friction can be reduced significantly with the aero wrap II oscillation feature and this is quite a nifty little feature to have when it comes to inshore saltwater fishing. Hooking a fish will be a lot easier and reeling in the fish won’t be too difficult either.

All-in-all, the Shimano is quite a big name in the world of fishing and the Stradic FJ is one of the best inshore saltwater spinning reels available today. If you want the best or one of the best, the Stradic FJ by Shimano is certainly one of them.